Every Chinese New Year since 2006, Fucked Up have released a 12″ single, with each one being inspired by a different Chinese Zodiac Beast.

The next edition in the series is released on February 7th, and is called 'Year Of The Tiger'. If you're hoping that this is a cover of St. Vincents 'Year Of The Tiger', move along.

You can hear all five tracks below, including 'Year Of The Tiger'.

  • 2006: Year of the Dog (Blocks Recording Club) buy
  • 2008: Year of the Pig (What’s Your Rupture? and Matador) buy
  • 2009: Year of the Rat (What’s Your Rupture?) buy
  • 2010: Year of the Ox (Merge) buy
  • 2012: Year of the Tiger (Matador) preorder