When a band debuts with an EP as strong as Illuminance, as Big Cosmos did last year, you find yourself anxious for more. Or at least we do, we've been tapping our feet and pacing the office for nearly a year. Every time we hear 'El Palo Alto' or the exemplary 'Pathfinder' we find ourselves wanting more and more and knowing somehow that however much we shovel into that space we've found, it will never be full.

So with that, we're proud to host the exclusive stream of Anatomy Atlas, it's an honest to god(less) pleasure, to announce that the wait is over. It's a rare trait for a band to sound so precisely like themselves, and in Andy Jackson's voice, in the lines he cuts through the songs with his words, they have a thing that is intrinsically theirs. Many bands have influences you can spot, many feel derivative for that, but with Big Cosmos you feel like even though they sound '80s, it's more that they would've been at home in the '80s rather than just aping after it. Which is an important distinction, they manage to create their own home within that space, which is the total fucking joy of the thing. I should talk about the immense headspace that 'Heartbreaker' grinds you into really, but I won't, I just want you to promise 17 minutes of your time to listen to the whole thing. It's a complete sound, one that you can immerse yourself in, one that will take you over if you let it.

...and you should really let it.

Anatomy Atlas will be available for free download from June 10th.

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