After dropping 'The Plane', a veritable chiptune odyssey, a couple of weeks ago, Fuck Buttons' Andrew Hung has offered up his debut solo EP, Rave Cave, for streaming.

Needing a portable solution for creating music ("Whilst touring with Fuck Buttons, I needed an outlet for writing music; it drives me nuts to not have access to a means to making things," he said) Andrew turned to one of the earlier bastions of portability our world has known: the Nintendo Gameboy.

Speaking about the EP on his Tumblr, he described the way locations were able to be immortalised in song form thanks to the Gameboy:

"I named tracks from where I was: Fables is when I was reading Fables the comic in Hong Kong. Korea Town was written whilst hanging out on an LA roof terrace. The Plane was written on the flight back, amongst a sea of tv monitors whilst we thrust through the night sky. Colourful times that transferred easily to the writing. Then when I got home, I fleshed out the tracks I'd written."

Listen below.