I often find inconspicuous musicians rather interesting. In an era where showing your face is probably the most important aspect of being a musician, it's rather refreshing to see (or rather not see) someone defy that and shy away from the glare of the public eye. For Chicago-based musician Appleby, he's doing just that. He's in pretty much every picture I've seen of him... But I just can't see his face. In a rare interview with Pigeons & Planes he explained - "For me, it's more or less just enjoyable that I can control how I'm perceived when I keep something as simple as my face from the public's view."

With a handful of songs online, he's just released his latest online drop entitled 'Glossy Ride'. It's in stark contrast to his last release 'Bitter Boy' which certainly felt a lot more aggressive and tense. 'Glossy Ride' is a walk in the park in comparison; laid-back vibes are on the agenda while his singing takes much of the attention. It's pretty dope.