Here is a new song from a guy who, according to his SoundCloud, makes "music your cat can fall asleep to." Super cute. Yes, these are the sounds of Austin Johnson, a musicmaker from Brooklyn. Teaming up with fellow Brooklynite Mothica, he's come up with the dream-inducing 'Helpless'.

Above the shuffling beat blows a host of wave-like synths, with icy drips plinking out a fragile melody in the downtempo ambience of it all. Mothica's voice is heartfelt, drenched in reverb and ornamenting the tender gloominess of the track, bubbling bloop sounds soft and rippled by the occasional and huge canyon-echo clap. Paints a picture of cave-deep emptiness and isolation, complete with that otherworldly beauty often boasted by subterranean places.

This track comes from Austin Johnson's two-day-old EP, Hero, which you can listen to and download for free (track by track) on his SoundCloud.

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