London based singer/songwriter Basheba is firmly placed in the capital's emerging music scene and is ready to transcend into the big leagues with her forthcoming collection, which is split into three parts, but we'll come back to that shortly. Already two EPs in and now two years on from her debut 'No More', Basheba combines the '90s flair of London Drum & Bass and Jungle with heartfelt, honest lyrics and a sweet and soulful tone. It's earned her a considerable amount of support in her home country and across the pond.

Later this year, Basheba will release the first of a three-part project that will be released over the next six months. This unique approach to releasing music is a testament to its title; AXIOM which is "a self-evident truth that requires no proof." As a taste of things to come, the first song lifted from the project is 'Coming Home', which refines Basheba's formula even further and sees her joining forces once again with long-time collaborator Dean Barratt and co-writer Harry Robinson. Full details of the release of AXIOM as well as a headline show at London's Garage are forthcoming but be sure to check out her Soundcloud page for more music.