New Orleans based musician Benjamin Booker has been a hot topic for many since his successful stint at SXSW earlier this year. That's probably because his explosive rock is completely alive, it never bores and knows just when to relax.

Booker's self-titled debut LP shows his ability to look back to the earliest moments of rock and roll and make them completely his own. Just when you’ve been allured by the beautiful emotion in his raw vocals, you're swiftly thrown to your feet to soak up the fuzz. Driven by guitar, this album holds a strong level of authenticity that can only be evoked by such effortless music making.

With a debut release like this and a Jack White support slot under his belt, well, the future looks pretty bright from here. He's got soul, he's got swag and you can listen to his debut album (due out August 19th) below courtesy of NPR.