OK, it's time. Time to forget about Bill Ward's contractual disputes and what will possibly be the last chance for a jam with his old brothers (who used to set him on fire quite a lot). Time to forget that Ozzy says Bill can't remember how to play drums anyhow. Time to forget about Tony Iommi's recent brush with mortality, pushing Lymphoma into remission and his ongoing treatment that is scheduled into the world tour. Time to forget about miserable, sub-par reunions (of which there are many), ill conceived albums revealing bands you once loved to be going through the motions. Time to forget the many incarnations of Black Sabbath, as this is the core we all know and possibly love. Time to forget that this is, in fact, their 19th album, not their 13th.

None of that matters anymore. In 2012, Ozzy, Geezer and Tony grabbed drummer Brad Wilk and producer Rick Rubin, hit the studio and closed the door behind them. The fruit of their labours is here.

Now it is time for 13.

And now it is time for you download iTunes if you want to hear it.