Aficionado of J-pop, revivalist Shibuya-kei, and J-culture in general, here comes bo en! Real name Calum Bowen and based not anywhere near Japan, in London, he ain't afraid to make music that is indefatigably upbeat, super-jaunty, and so super-cute that you can't help but squee inwardly (or for those less inhibited, outwardly), in contrast to the typical sound of the Capital.

Yup, and his latest 'i'll fall' – featuring the candy-sweet vocals of Osaka singer & music maker, COR!S (whose recent debut album Across Time & Space is a sweet 'n' hyper slice of pastel fantasy) battling against bo en's own laid-back English lilt – is nothing short of lovely. It's like waking up and you're literally a chibi-you, and everyone else is a chibi-them, and everything around you is just perfect. bo en combines popping-popcorn percussion with super-pop rhythms in a beat that swings between electronic circus and sparkly funk; slap bass partners with cat noises and synth sweeps share the ring with piano progressions as, in true bo en style, the unpredictable structure of the song goes on: a fabulous journey, a do-si-do with a rainbow.

It finishes with a dose of breezy whimsy, magical trilling strings, glockenspiels and flutes – showing off talents that go beyond pop from a guy who also creates music for video games (notably indie game Super Ubie Land and most recently for colourful FPS, Lovely Planet). With impressive versatility and a knack for just, well, doing it right, how long before bo en is scoring film soundtracks?

This comes from bo en's pale machine expansion pack 2 – an incredibly tactile special edition of his debut, pale machine (which was released on supercool Japanese netlabel, Maltine Records, and which you can download for free!).

Oh, and if you liked this, then you'll love his mix he did for our very own Plastic Platform. series