Signed to Mura Masa's Anchor Point Records, Bonzai is already in good company. Her debut EP Royah was certainly well received and showcased her wide ranging musical versatility. An appearance on Masa's new single 'What If I Go?' has opened more doors (and ears) to her voice and now, she's back with her second EP Sleep Hungry, which includes production from 405 favourite Royce Wood Junior, John Calvert and of course, Mura Masa.

Speaking on the EP and on Bonzai, Masa said "It's tough for the US guys to really get the nuances of UK electronic music and it's equally uncomfortable when UK artists try to compete with Beyoncé or Kendrick. With Bonzai being dual nationality American/Irish and having grown up with DnB as much as R&B, it really feels like she can bring genres together in a natural way. She never has a bad session as she's got so many tools to choose from as a writer and she's fearless."

Sleep Hungry is streaming now on SoundCloud and is available to download via iTunes.