We're happy to be hosting the full stream of concert pianist Bruce Brubaker's new album Glass Piano, named after the fact that it's a collection of Philip Glass compositions. From the cascading majesty of 'Mad Rush' to the explosive 'Wichita Vortex Sutra', Brubaker's playing reflects the smooth and all-encompassing true nature of these Philip Glass pieces, each one gliding and transportive, warming and homely yet reverberating and alien as we move through 'Metamorphosis 2' and its delicacies, and the dramatic 'Knee Play 4' – an intermezzo from Glass' opera Einstein on the Beach arranged for piano.

New York-based composer and arranger Nico Muhly calls it "music with a firm structure, a smooth pulse, but always with the possibility of an ecstatic aside either sotto-voce or shouted from the rooftops."

Glass Piano is out 1st June (2nd for USA) via InFiné. You can pre-order it here.