Chaisley Lussier is set to carve her path how she sees fit. The singer-songwriter-producer grew up in Philadelphia but now resides in the entertainment epicenter that is Los Angeles. For Chaisley, it's about taking a hands-on approach to your music. That's why with her latest single, 'Fast Love', Chaisley not only wrote the song but produced the track as well.

And the 405 is here with the premiere.

When it comes to the lyrics of the track, Chaisley puts it best, "'Fast Love' is a song about that moment of clarity when you realize that your desire and affection for your lover are all one-sided; that the relationship you're invested in is simply one of convenience for the other person. The lack of true commitment is something we've all faced at some point or another. Love isn't some trivial thing to be given away while looking around for the next best thing... 'Fast Love' is a reminder of that. It's a song for the romantics at heart who are trying everything to hold on when their other half doesn't care if they let go."

Musically, the composition draws on classic R&B, '80s synth rock, and a little smooth jazz for good measure. There are swells of echoing guitar lines skipping along a droning bass and clockwork drums. This is all before the saxophone slithers its way in. Leading the charge is Chaisley's voice, showing strength in restraint and vulnerability.

Go ahead and try not to get lost in the depths of 'Fast Love':