While it's pretty typical for an up-and-coming musician to work a day job to support their creative outlets, London based musician Ed Cares, or Childcare, has a pretty peculiar one. He works as a nanny, looking after three kids who he road-tests most of his music on before it reaches our ears. That time spent with youngsters gives his music a sense of honesty and innocence that's not only welcomed, but wholly embraced in a world where we often get so caught up in drawn out explanations for what we feel that we lose what we wanted to get across to begin with.

Below, you can stream his debut EP Flush, which comes out next week on 27 October via Best Laid Plans Records. In a press release, he explained his diverse creative influences growing up, saying “I had no pop or rock references in the house when I was growing up, so I didn't buy anything non-embarrassing until my teens, and then I started getting into pop punk and ska, then the Ramones and the Clash, punk bands of the '90s and early noughties like NOFX and Capdown, and then the Hives, the Strokes and Jack White.” From the very first second of opener 'Gotta Wait' it's clear that Flush is infused with a crazy amount of energy, and it's the kind of liveliness that you can just imagine translates into a room full of kids going mental at gigs.

To celebrate the release of their EP, the band will be performing a series of shows throughout London - one on 2 October, the second on the 24th, and the last on 13 November. If you want to check it out, make sure to leave your email address with childcareband@gmail.com and you'll be provided with details on the day of the gig!

Discover: This album will also make you go mental.