Having no roots in any particular place can be daunting for some. It can have one feeling unsettled but at the same time, constant upheaval can be a catalyst for personal development and growth. For Chløë Black, upheaval has exposed her to a plethora of lifestyle influences that have led to the release of her new song, 'Groupie'.

Produced by Phil Cook and Jim Eliot, it finds Chløë Black croon about one particular person who has attracted her undivided attention. On the flip side, given Black's travelled life, 'Groupie' could be a symbol for her unwavering curiosity for new experiences, which allow her to be centre stage and following her dreams. Throughout the song's duration, you can hear the codeine-laced lyricism which isn't too dissimilar to the sounds of Lana Del Rey. However, you can also hear the influences in Black's life such as her teenage grunge obsession and her love for French cinema.

Now Chløë Black has settled in London, which she now calls home, 'Groupie' is anthem for the wanderers who seek what she has been looking for.