You want a track of the day? You got a track of the day. This is the gloriously organic sound of London-based producer, Clas Tuuth, and more specifically, the sound of his brand-newest track that we are super-stoked to be premiering, 'Ours'.

Constructed around a sparse beat that sounds wonderfully, bio-mechanically alive – with metallic teeth-hiss hi-hats, lung-punch kicks and dusty-factory snares – it exists in a plane of constant and tangible crackling, a vinyl-based stamp of authenticity. Flowing through these scattered stutters of percussion are thickly warm breezes of synth, an antique sound, as if played on some abandoned organ. A four-note hook bloops and blips in a series of popping synths, providing earworm ornamentation for this track, which sounds as if it could be a theme for some sprawling, forgotten area in a Metroid game: it's so late-night that it speaks more of an unknown elsewhere than here-and-now.

To enjoy more of the uncluttered beauty of Clas Tuuth's music, you'll be happy to know that the upcoming 003 EP (from which 'Ours' is taken) is available from 22nd September on NeedNoWater Records.

Alternatively, check out Clas's previous two EPs: 001 and 002.

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