Rifling through Distraction, the sophomore album from Brooklyn-based outfit Bear Hands and you're bound to fall for the myriad of scoping elements. From the cheer-on choruses, to the marching post-punk draw, Distraction is an affectionate blueprint for a band that knows the chemical equation to an effective breakout.

The LP's standout effort 'Agora' encapsulates this achievement, wringing out alt rock and pop charms into a spinning lite-psyche whirl. Latching on to the track's indelible hooks is fellow New Yorker Seth Haley - better known by his awesome stage name Com Truise. Even a slight dive into Haley's work will find a rigorous pattern of new wave synth bravado, which he of course nails on his 'Agora' remix. Still, Haley limits his interruption of Bear Hands' vocal play, which makes 'Agora' stand out so much in the first place.

Listen below and look out for Bear Hands' tour dates here. Distraction is out now on iTunes.

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