COTE is a New York-based singer-songwriter who is starting to make waves. We already brought you her previous track, 'Golden Hour', but now we're back with the indie musician's latest single, 'Cruel'.

'Cruel' is a mid-tempo burner that burrows deeper into your soul the more you listen. There's plucked guitars, fluttery keys, and drums that keep everything grounded, even when her voice goes from lilting to soaring. The fuzzed and hazy guitar licks and melody lines grab a hold of you by the collar and spin you round the fields on a cool spring afternoon.

But what truly elevates 'Cruel' is COTE's vocals and how each line is sung with such visceral tenderness. One moment her voice is in a lower, alto register proclaiming with such tired matter-of-factness, "Baby thinks the ordinary's cruel/ Modern methods overthrow the rules." Then her voice soars to soprano heights on the vocal run when singing, "of a change of a promise like you."

If you're looking for a new hazy, indie-country track to feed your lamentations, 'Cruel' is the song for you.