California-based psych-punk trio Crystal Antlers are streaming their upcoming album Nothing Is Real in full via The New York Times website. Scheduled to be officially released next week, the band's third LP is described as "Crystal Antlers going beyond the beyond, with songs that rattle and ricochet from desolation to delirium."

"We've always played different music we didn't necessarily put on record," explains singer/bassist Johnny Bell. "But with each album, we've tried to figure out ways to include more of our whole selves in the recordings, while still keeping things cohesive. And from growing up in punk bands, there always needs to be that little element of something that might piss someone off. We might be using a drum machine--but we're gonna use it completely the wrong way."

Listen to the Sonic Youth-fuelled album in full here. Nothing Is Real is released on October 14th via Innovative Leisure.

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