While her former bandmates Aubrey O'Day and Shannon Bex (now collectively known as dumblonde) ride high in the Dance charts on iTunes in the US with their debut album, D∆WN (FKA Dawn Richard) kicks off the third leg of her musical trilogy, now known as The Red Era. While her third album doesn't have a release date yet, she's ready to dance now with a brand new single entitled... 'DANCE'.

Produced by Noisecastle III & Swagg R'Celious and written by Ester Dean, the single - in typical D∆WN fashion - genre-bends and picks up where her second album BlackHeart left off and thanks in part to Dean's knack for writing a killer hook, it adds a little more mainstream appeal over typical releases from Ms. Richard.

"The Red Era is about moving on, redeeming yourself, and finding redemption. It's time for people to start feeling good and start embracing who they are while dancing in their own light. That time is now...Let's DANCE!" she told The FADER.

'DANCE' is available now on iTunes.