Imagine it's 1988 and you just found a cassette tape with "Dam-Funk" scribbled on it. What do you think it would sound like? And don't cheat, you're not a time traveller, and you don't recognise the words as the stage name of modern funk extraordinaire Damon G. Riddick. Now keep that answer in your head as you listen to the track below, I bet it's at least a little bit close to the real vintage Dam-Funk jam that Riddick just uncovered from an old tape in his dusty archives.

The track is one of the first pieces of music he ever made, recorded way back in his Pasadena bedroom when he was still in school. Though it was made entirely by Dam-Funk, time has become the 'Love Is Above's biggest collaborator. Riddick still shines through a smog of tape hiss as it bounces with a rinky dink drum machine rhythm. It's a fascinating relic of young talent waiting to be fully realised.

Source: FACT