Get teleported right now by London-based musicmaker Mattia Del Moro, aka Delta Club. Where do you wanna go? I mean, there's only one real destination and that's 'Valun'; the song shares its name with a village on the Croatian island of Cres, but I'm sure it's lovely there. In fact, google it: you'll see that it is. And It's just as well, because Delta Club's sound is one of blissful, hazy holidays – memories set in the mists of dreams that harbour flashing turquoise water and breeze-blown trees trembling and the white sun full-stopped high above in blue sky. An arrhythmic beat, with simple drum fills every now and again, underpins cascading sounds and loops that seem to reverb into forever, with Mattia's voice itself singing softly in amongst the clouds of sound. It's dreampop, essentially, but daaaamn is it done well!

This comes from a forthcoming EP by Delta Club, due for release "by the end of summer 2014."