As Disco Shrine, LA-native Jessica Delijani conjures up intimate vibes with party-ready electro-pop compositions. Being a first generation Persian-American, her life was filled family gatherings that quickly turned into people singing and dancing. She went from teaching herself guitar and banjo to focusing on bedroom pop. As she’s honed her craft into becoming not just a rising electro-pop star, but sought after DJ, Delijani as Disco Shrine makes what she calls, “liberated dance music”.

Disco Shrine is set to release a series of singles in 2018 and the 405 is here with the premiere of first release, ‘Up In The Air’. The track tells the story of Delijani’s parents coming to America from Iran in the ‘70s. It was a period of upset. The Iranian Revolution in full swing.

As she puts it, “‘Up in the Air’ is symbolic of their plane ride over to America, everything they went through to get on that plane, and everything they left behind once they were on. This song is about having to leave your whole world behind you with an uncertain chance that the new one in front of you will be better. It's about finding your strength and making sacrifices for the people you love.”

As Disco Shrine, this story gets taken to an unexpected and frankly, appreciated level. If you were to ignore the words and knew nothing of the story behind the song, the music is a mid-tempo electro-pop ballad. It has a danceable beat with the focus being on consistency, rather than forcefulness. Not only is the beat catchy, the synth lines and bouncy bass undulate in a way that invites you into a comfortable stasis.

This is where the poignant lyrics come into play. The canvas the lyrics lay upon holds your attention but does not steal the show. With ‘Up In The Air’, the lyrics reveal the bare truth while the music offers some semblance of hope.

Hope is something we always need a supply of. Disco Shrine proves you should already be taking pop music seriously.