Having just hopped off of the road opening for none other than Lorde, Majical Cloudz have decided to share an unreleased version of their song 'Your Eyes'. The song was on their album II which came out back in 2011.

In a note he posted to his Tumblr, he talked about the band's time on the road with the New Zealand star saying “A lot of it still feels unreal. We played 20 shows with Lorde. We met an uncountable number of people at the shows and played for even more. We did it all with a crew of 4 people in a minivan. How did this happen?" He also thanked her audiences for their kindness: “We were met with positive and warm receptions at all of these shows. We were never booed or heckled (although if we had been I would have understood). I believe this to be a testament to the curiosity and open-mindedness of Lorde’s audiences.”

Download the song here.

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