The two years since the release of 'Sees the Light' have been full of change for La Sera/Katy Goodman. She moved to Los Angeles, Vivian Girls broke up, and she got tired of being sad. Goodman was completely bored of penning songs of sad introspection alone in her bedroom, and when she started work on her upcoming album Hour of the Dawn she decided to make music fun for herself again. It seems like it's going to be pretty fun to listen to too.

Goodman throws her headphones off and shakes out her hair with 'Losing to the Dark', a shredding stomp of hip shaking thrash. She sings like she's staring an audience right in the eye, and trades the well written pop of her previous work for a shambolic blast of melody that comes crashing over the finishing line. Not all change is a bad thing. Stream and download it below.

Hour of the Dawn is out May 13th on Hardly Art Records.

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