Macclesfield five piece Racing Glaciers have been hard at work recording new music, and our first taste of that is the explosive lead single 'VHS'. From the very first note it's clear what their intention is, and that's to blow you away with their immersive and powerful sound that's seen praise from the Radio 1 and tons of love on the HypeMachine charts. With more and more bands turning to an electronic-leaning sound, it's good to have bands that stick to a straight-forward alt/rock sound, especially when they do it with the mastery of 'VHS'.

Even better, is the band have put the song up for free download over at their MusicGlue page (where you can also pick up their EP on vinyl and other formats if you're feeling up to it)! What's better than free music, hm? I'd venture to say not too much. Stream 'VHS' below.

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