Serious sounds right now from Luka or, in some respects and stylistically, Luka ‡. This stuff sounds like bliss, pure narcotic bliss. It's fuzzy and wildly expansive, a fantasy soundscape, dreams conjured from an awkward perch of claustrophobia. Can you tell we're really happy to premiere it? I'm stopping short of adding an emoji at the end of my sentences.

What it is aside from these things – aside from the arrhythmic pulse of the beat, aside from the blisswaves of theta-synth, aside from the sunken guitars, the gloss clusters of xylo-percussion – what it is is a remix, or let's say an edit, of a song by Dream Koala called 'We Can't Be Friends'. It's a 2-year-old song tagged "fuck friendzone" and it sounds like a lament teetering on the edge of despair – not quite there, but teetering for sure.

Luka's reworking is like its evolved form, yeah it's a higher level and it knows some more debilitating moves, but it's still the same type: a chilled slice of hypno-electronica. And it's lovely.

Oh and if you're around in Germany, Luka is currently on tour with THE ACID (nice stuff, check it out).

  • 16/09 Köln, Club Bahnhof Ehrenfeld
  • 17/09 Frankfurt, Zoom
  • 22/09 Berlin, SchwuZ
  • 24/09 Mannheim, Alte Feuerwache