Meet DVWEZ. That's pronounced 'Dames' by the way, although her real name is actually Delia Albert. She's a singer, songwriter and producer based in Orlando, Florida and Pastels is her first collection of songs as she describes it.

'Get Away (Body)' with all its ambience and ethereal attraction makes for a pretty decent introduction to the rest of the collection. It's delicate with strong R&B tones, earning her early comparisons to the likes of The Internet's Syd The Kyd and Jhene Aikom and while these may be somewhat accurate comparisons, DVWEZ is definitely standing in a league all her own. "PASTELS is me opening up about what I would consider to be the most authentic connection that I've felt with someone, she said of the collection. "It's vulnerable both emotionally, as well as musically because this is my first solo project. Some of it is sexy, and other parts are not, but all of it is me just saying exactly how I feel."

Stream Pastels now on Soundcloud. It's also available to buy on iTunes.