Come in and listen to the waves and recessions that sway in new artist edapollo's debut EP, a week-old four-track little wonder by the name of Shallow Swell. Released on lovely Italian label Bad Panda Records, this collection of sounds is a cracking start to a promising existence in the world of music, as well as – for its audience – a dip into warmer climes, the prospect of deep R&R at unknown paradise locations, unforgettable nostalgic chill.

Mixing more uptempo house-style rhythms – as in first track 'Breathing Lessons', whose cut-up samples of acoustic guitar sound delicious against the smooth, heavy bass – with slow sashays into caverns of chill, like closer 'Marcelo' with its endless vocal echoes and thin snapping beats, Shallow Swell documents both the anticipation of exploratory fun, and the fond, time-worn memories of distant holidays.

The sun comes out to play in 'Sundancer', where sounds seem to glint like the rippling thousands of crests in teal seas lapping at coasts, an achingly languid atmosphere where the desire for shade and iced drinks seems high indeed. Likewise, 'Tisno' exchanges euphoric patter with itself – sensual vocal samples twist around shuddering heartbeat-altering synths, rising to a feel-good climax of pure relaxation.

The Bristol-based trackmaker, who is actually called Ed Bidgood, seems already a dab-hand at peeling away the essences of happy memories and soaking them in a sample-infused stock of organic and electronic sounds. And with that said, what comes next from this guy should be even better.

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