Just a week to go until the release of The Marshall Mathers LP 2 and fourteen years after the release of his debut The Slim Shady LP (yeah feeling old now) and Mather's still turning heads. To stoke the (bon)fire that's burning in anticipation for his latest work, ahead of his appearance on this Saturday Night live, he's gone and shared his latest collaboration; his fourth release from the new LP.

A far cry from Dido, he's hooked up with Rihanna once again to produce this latest track and it's definitely more pop than some of his other rap tracks. Aptly called 'The Monster', with it being released over the Halloween period, this song will be available on iTunes at Midnight tonight. The song open with Rihanna talking about befriending monsters under her bed and Eminem claims to be 'kookier than Kool Keith', which isn't actually possible.

Will it be as big a hit as Eminem and Riri's previous number one 'Love the Way You Lie'? There are some pretty pulsing drum beats, heavy synths, strong vocals and the fact that if Rihanna and Eminem simultaneously sneezed everyone would listen. In short: probably. [via CoS]