Up-and-comer Esbie Fonte is leaving nothing up to chance. The singer-songwriter self-produces, embedding eclecticism into her darker shade of pop, which is evident on her latest single, ‘Rosie’.

“‘Rosie’ is about codependence,” Esbie says. “[About] being let down by someone who inflicts hurt on them-self and emphatically feeling the pain they go through. Discovering you can’t make someone love them-self, being honest, and letting them go.”

‘Rosie’ starts with a dark and dissonant drone; the slow descent. Sparse percussion and beats are coupled with her punctuated vocals in the verse, feeling the casting of a spell. The chorus being a play on ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ only draws you further into the night.

So take a listen to ‘Rosie’ and try not to get lost in the world of Esbie Fonte.