Escapists proved that they're a force to be reckoned with on their last song 'Blood', and with their latest track 'Eyes' we see an entirely different and just as beautiful side of the band. It's quiet and breathtaking with its gentle guitar line and Simon's stunning vocals. Read what he has to say about the song:

"Eyes is a step back from the pulsing basslines and pulverising beats that make up Blood and Breaking it Up and show a more delicate relaxed sound to counterpoint the chaos in the other songs.

This time the tune is centred around a delicate finger picked guitar line and a swooning Bon Iver esque vocal harmony, slowly building to one of the biggest crescendo's we've put into a song.

Lyrically it's about taking a step back and just letting the world pass you by so you can take stock of where you are and realising that the people around you could be changing in ways even they don't understand.

I Guess if 'Blood' was the end of the all nighter this is the haze of the next day hangover and life slowly coming back to you."

The song is taken from their debut album Only Bodies, which is out on 4 August. Stream it below.

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