We're proud to premiere singer-songwriter ESKA's new track 'This Is How A Garden Grows', a magical-sounding tune that will get its hooks in you from the very beginning.

"I wanted to write something that had a nursery rhyme quality to it, along the lines of 'Oats & Beans & Barley Grow'," she explains. "I've always found it charming how some children's songs convey literal and metaphorical meaning."

Regarding the track's unique sound, ESKA says she "wanted to make the band sound like a growing garden, so in the original session the band went to Homebase adjacent to the recording studio and purchased household items to create their own instruments."

"The Garden explodes mid-track as the players swap their DIY instruments for more conventional sounding ones," she continues. "As it was done in realtime, we kept the 'clangs' and 'bangs' of the swap-over."

'This Is How A Garden Grows' is taken from her self-titled debut album, which is out on April 27th via Naim Edge Records. Check out the track, along with her forthcoming UK dates, below.

  • 01 May - The Met, Bury
  • 13 May - Exeter Phoenix, Exeter
  • 14 May - Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Truro
  • 16 May - Rich Mix, London E1
  • 27 May - The Lantern, Bristol