Lydian Collective are exactly that: a collective. Each of their members brings to the table different, disparate ideas, and each is given time and space to explore and become built upon. With a central focus of Aaron Wheeler’s piano leading the way, Lydian Collective build their songs with subtle grooves, deft electronics and versatile percussion. The result is something hard to categorise, leaving them with unwieldy genre markers attached, including jazz-fusion, electronica, jazztronica, world music and more having been applied to their inchoate and un-pin-downable sound. The only way to really know what they sound like is to listen, and today we have the pleasure of offering you the chance to listen to the entirety of their debut album Adventure a week ahead of its release.

By way of introduction to Adventure, each of the 4 members of Lydian Collective has given us some thoughts and background on its creation:

"When you've composed and worked professionally in a wide variety of styles and genres, it seems contrived to make music that conforms with the cliche of genre. To us it feels simpler and purer to think in terms of the building blocks of music (rhythm, harmony & texture) and try to create an emotion and tell a story with each track."

"It took 2 years from start to finish to record Adventure. The whole album is self-funded and self-released, from the recording, mixing, producing and mastering. We have the skills, so we were able to do the whole thing ourselves, which really enabled us to create our own sound."

"Most of the music on Adventure was conceived before we'd heard of the likes of Snarky Puppy and the new wave of Jazz Fusion. We love that stuff - and it's nice that some people have made comparisons - but we're also coming from a different place in many respects. Though its great if it fits in with that wider movement!"

"We started recording videos with the band and putting them on youtube in 2011, and in a couple of years they organically reached over a million views. So we had this great exposure but hadn’t actually officially released anything. We realised that people really wanted to get hold of the music in album form."

With all that in mind, enjoy Adventure in full below.

Adventure comes out officially next Friday. You can get all the details about where to buy it and how to see Lydian Collective play live by following them on Facebook.