Despite a recent setback regarding his now defunct trip to the UK, Philippines producer Eyedress is trying to right his possibly perceived wrongs, releasing his six-track Egyptian Night Club EP.

The set, available below, gives a bit of insight to why he's been already iconified with the somewhat puzzling "synth punk" title. While that description may flare up comparisons to Crystal Castles, Eyedress' methods are preferably more subdued outside of the EP's first track 'Pussy Killer (Sexorcist)'. Each track, aside from 'Spira' (featuring Skint Eastwood) features a somewhat disoriented vocal display from Eyedress, born Idris Vicuña. From the higher frequency aforementioned 'Pussy Killer (Sexorcist)' to the calm 'Monogamy', Vicuña's EP manages a slow descent into glorious morbidity with his vocals paving the path.