We back Brighton five-piece Fickle Friends pretty hard. Their last release 'Play' was our Track of the Day when it came out back in April, and if you thought they wouldn't be able to follow-up two stellar releases (their first, 'Swim', has over 550k plays) you're sorely mistaken. If you took a dash of Two Door Cinema Club, threw some CHVRCHES in there for good measure, and had one of the sweetest-sounding choruses I've heard in a while, you'd have their new song 'For You'. They're masters of crafting joyful pop tunes with darker messages, though, as vocalist Natti Shiner explained in a press release. 'For You' is about "realising a relationship isn't ever going to go anywhere, despite how sad it feels & how much you really want it to work." It'll be out on 23 September in North America via Crazy Heart Records, and came out yesterday in the UK.

Listen below.

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