The EP debut from Brooklyn songstress Fielded may still be a long way away, but the release of 'Reign' can't help but hype it up along the way.

The new single from 'Reign' - Lindsay Powell - edges on the precipice of arena-anthem pop, with a turbulent and chugging chorus that ushers a ray of easy energy throughout the effort. Powell paints a vision between modestly romantic and power, urging through with a genuine thrust of fragile humanity. She constantly splits sides, howling "Never before/Never again", showing an ease of conflict and rejected resolve. By the end, she seems exhausted in her effort, explaining "Okay, I believe you" like someone who just wants an argument to end.

Powell's self-released Universally Handsome EP is set for release July 29th on 2014. Listen to 'Reign' below.

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