It is with great sadness that we learn that Edinburgh-based Song By Toad Records is saying its final goodbyes, the news coming a mere year after Matthew Young decided to step back from running the independent label.

But before riding into the sunset Song By Toad Records is releasing a final album (which was already recorded when Young left), the Vol 7 in the Split 12'' series featuring four distinct Canadian artists to (re)discover and fall in love with: Dana Gavinski, Woodpigeon, LT Leif, and FOONYAP contribute with three tracks each to a bittersweet release previewed by this breathtaking 'Yes/No'. "In my early 30s I took responsibility for my sexual satisfaction and opened up my long-term relationship," FOONYAP says of her song. "'Yes/No' explores my guilt and desire from plunges into my animal self: my personal liberation from religious and conservative taboos. It expresses the uncertainty of feminine eroticism, a dominant theme in my upcoming artistry"

Check out the track below; Song, by Toad Split 12" Vol. 7 is due out on June 7th.