Say hello to the incredible FØRD.

The Byron Bay producer and multi-instrumentalist is a self-taught juggernaut, and is already being lumped in with the likes of Flume - another young producer and electronic music connoisseur.

He's been lauded as delicately combining future bass, pop, and hip-hop in a way that creates a distinctly FØRD sound, and that's certainly the case with 'The Pier', featuring producer and singer-songwriter Woodes.

FØRD balances heavy mid-tempo beats with synths and a swagger that gets your hips swayin' and your head bobbing, but it's Woodes' voice that takes this song over the edge. She has a soulful rasp to her vocals that draws you in and keeps you in the moment.

So, vibe out to the 405 premiere of 'The Pier'. Sit back and daydream about the weekend. It's never that far away.