Here's a brand new artist you should keep an eye on. Hailing from Birmingham, Foxgluvv delivers her debut single 'Crush' with the savoir-faire and the expertise of someone who's been playing the pop game for quite a while. 'Crush' will instantly crawl into your brain and stay there.

"Although the title suggests that this is a love song, 'Crush' is all about unrequited lust," Foxluvv explains. "I wrote the song with my friend and producer Scott Colcombe and we wanted to capture the initial feeling of briefly falling head over heels for someone at a party, which is why the song is so lazy and romantic and lustful all at the same time."

"My music is heavily inspired by both modern day and "retro" popular music, with influences spanning from Troye Sivan and Hayley Kiyoko across to Hall and Oates and Madonna, and I think these musicians all sit somewhere within my music one way or another," she continues. "So, if you want to know more, grab a beer, turn down the lights and listen on."

So did we, and you should too.