Nearly two years after the release of their masterful debut LP, The Albatross, the St. Louis-based Foxing is returning with Dealer, which is being released on October 30 via Triple Crown Records.

The first single off the record, 'The Magdalene', recently premiered on NPR and provides a heavenly look into one of the year's most anticipated records. The twinkling guitar work of Ricky Sampson and Eric Hudson swirls beautifully around Conor Murphy's typically evocative and poignant, if somewhat restrained, vocal performance to help construct one of the band's very best songs.

But as the song presses forward through its look on how a religious upbringing and sexual awakening intermingle, the addition of strings, saxophone, synths and a little fuzz on the guitars all contribute to deliver a emotional punch on par with the best tracks on The Albatross.

"It's strange to have the weight of guilt press itself down on your soul while in the midst of something so beautiful as two people sharing themselves with each other," bassist and backing vocalist Josh Coll told NPR. "I think it can be hard to give yourself fully to someone in that capacity when you fear divine judgment."

Following up a record as superb as The Albatross seemed like a monumental task, but if 'The Magdalene' is any indication, Dealer could be an even bigger triumph for Foxing.