"There's a wide range of things, lyrically, but I think there's a reoccurring theme of just modern society and thinking about where everyone's at and where things are going," claims guitarist Charlie Moothart when talking about Fuzz's new album in an interview with The 405's Jeff Milo.

"I never like to focus too much on the negative, though I have my share of negative feelings. But at the same time, this is about just opening people's minds, even just to be able to think about what's happening around them, instead of what's not happening... we each have our sides of heavy thoughts and going for these heavy vibes, but with this band it's definitely just a release and an escape. But, even still, it's about encouraging an original expression, ya know... an open mind. It's a mixed bag of nuts, for sure."

A bold mission statement indeed, but one the band have managed to stick to across the album's 14 tracks. Impressive. II isn't out until October 23rd, but you can check it out right now thanks to NPR.

  • Tracklisting:
  • 01. Time Collapse/The 7th Terror
  • 02. Rat Race
  • 03. Let It Live
  • 04. Pollinate
  • 05. Bringer Of Light
  • 06. Pipe
  • 07. Say Hello
  • 08. Burning Wreath
  • 09. Red Flag
  • 10. Jack The Maggot
  • 11. New Flesh
  • 12. Sleestak
  • 13. Silent Sits The Dustbowl
  • 14. II