With so much emerging electronic pop music out there, how do you even begin to sift through it all? Luckily, the 405 is here to show you the standouts and fresh sounds in this ever-evolving genre. Proof of which can be found below.


The duo - comprised of Katarina Gleicher and producer Elliot Glasser - have just unveiled their earnest new single 'Called It Love', and we're obsessed.

As the band states, "It's about finding strength and power in a painful situation even if it changes you and hardens you. It's about confidently owning who you are."

I mean, the opening lyrics are, "Past the point of wanting to forget you." A bold statement. And this kind of introspective projecting threads its way throughout the entire song. In the chorus, Katarina laments, "Call it what you want it/ But I called it love." There's a humility in the acceptance of validating your feelings when that truth is not determined by another.

Sonically, the composition pushes and pulls with a standard swagger. There's obvious influence from R&B and even an underlying bedroom pop/ DIY feeling, providing the track a sense of intimacy the lyrics deserve.

If you're looking for that final validation that, even more than your ex being trash, you are who and where you are supposed to be, then FYOHNA's new single, 'Called It Love' is for you.