Following the late 2013 release of Eden, producer/singer Gent Mason is strong at work with follow-up material, including this unbelievable gem 'Touch The Rock'.

Mason aims to have a new single out by next month. This, however, is just an added bonus until then. But for what its worth, he may sound better here than ever before. The motif of Eden is still ever-present on 'Touch The Rock': the sprightly haze of spectral euphoria, muddled hand-claps, and Mason's clean R&B swill. But the new track showcases a bounty of elements that weren't quite as well utilized before.

The chorus and lead in are positively swelling, charging for a hyper-romantic conclusion which finds Mason displaying his most earnest vocals yet. It's charming on an unbelievable level, and one of the best singles so far this year.

Check it out below and watch out for new material from Gent Mason next month.

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