Since Gerald Jacobs dropped his debut mixtape The Loudest Quiet back in March, it's been on heavy rotation. Produced and written entirely by the man himself, Gerald displays a maturity and musical prowess beyond his years. The House of Suede rapper will be one to watch over the next year.

The seven-track mixtape features the likes of songwriter Jordan James and rising talent Ojerime, however whilst it only spans the length of twenty seven minutes, it sounds like a full body of work. The mixtape itself is laden with samples from films such as Layer Cake and the Main Theme by Andrew Hale, taken from the video game L.A. Noire. Despite many of the beats sounding like they’ve been influenced by US rap, the aesthetic of the mixtape is very much British. The entire mixtape is bold, aspirational and ambient, befitting of The House of Suede's overall style.