This track starts evilly. That distorted drone is just pure menace. Oh I'm sorry. This is 'Breaking Friends' by Derby duo Ghost Twins. It combines an indie flavour with the intensity of, um, of something else. A great darkness in the form of totally hazy shoegaze sensibilities; distorted synth grinds low and screams high, a jaggedly broken landscape in contrast to the soft vocals.

Murky guitar twangs spaghetti western in the bridge between these darker sounds and the final chorus, if a chorus it is, which climbs out of its minor morbid tones and into a soaring sunniness – still with that same massive bit reduction on all the sounds, as if attacked on all sides by digital dentures, crunching everything in sight. A great sound, cathedralic, organ-like, spread with dirt and grit, but etched with twinkling indie guitars and slight vocal hooks.

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