Her birth certificate reads Elizabeth Le Fey, and that sounds glamorous enough. Though under the mystery of Globelamp, this LA lady has remodelled punk with her grub glam flair and a strange spell of faerie spirit.

Her latest single 'Washington Moon' mystifies with wispy vocals that transpire to succulent vocals harmony. Draped in a light shawl of melancholy, the psych-tinged track is skewed and haunting in the prettiest of ways.

Globelamp's fantastical folksy approach to storytelling both captures and evokes the innermost emotion with fast-flowing narrative and open passageways to her hollow worlds. Places with light and dark dosed in equal measure. An aching search for freedom echoes through textured layers of strongly plucked acoustics and arresting strings, flirting with a string of shimmering clatter from a soft tambourine.

Beneath sweet vocals and swirling melody, natural wonders peek through as drizzles of rains and warm beam beats. It's a kooky fairy tale, a beautifully endearing lullaby and an irreproachable piece of wonderful originality. Get tangled in the web.

Her forthcoming album, The Orange Glow, is set for release June 10th on Wichita Recordings.