It's time! Time time time, time for some upbeat, wonky cheer from a Stockholm-based band called Saigon. It's called 'Golden' and it basically sounds like golden, but not a stationary golden, more of a golden being pulled into a black hole, a bent golden, a fuzzy golden, a golden imploding from the inside but happy about it all the same. Colour is just a frequency, a frequency is a vibration, music is vibration, vibration is movement, movement is energy.

With a happy-happy melody buzzing through the track, 'Golden' skips onwards, pulsing with feet-shakin' kicks and a great heavy fuzz of bass, vocals calling out, almost chanting, in glorious lo-fi slices, not so much destroying humdrumery as forcing it to be its pet, like a parrot on the shoulder, as the band turn this sunny pop into a slightly sludgy shoegazin late-night burrito of flavours.

There's an album on the way, though as yet unannounced. But it might be out via Swedish label, Monvment / Nomethod.