Our Track of the Day today is a little old but you know what I DON'T CARE. It's a really fun song and ever since my first listen like a week ago it's captured my imagination every time. Maybe you'll like it, maybe you won't; maybe you'll want to like it but won't; maybe you'll want to dislike it but won't. Maybe maybe maybe.

Charmingly titled 'Full Count (Bases Loaded!)' it is the first release by Goodnight Cody, aka Cody Farwell, who previously made music under the moniker Snorlax. Maybe you know him? Part of beats collective Team Supreme? Recently remixed a Spazzkid track?

"I was imagining what it'd be like to play a game of baseball with Vulfpeck," he wrote, introducing the song on SoundCloud. "I'd want to be on their team for sure!"

With that baseball theme in mind, and after I read a comment on the track that said simply "very backyard baseball", I was hooked. NB: I do not and never have played baseball. I've played cricket in PE, and rounders, the type where the dickheads of the class pelt the balls at you, but never baseball. I don't even understand baseball. However, it injected me with a weird nostalgia: there I was, seeing the Charlie Brown's baseball team, pixelated, colourful, entrenched in a dramatic game. The power of music, eh?

Oh, right, yeah, the song. It features Mr Farwell on bass himself (as far as I can tell, he is a bassist), which is a virtuosic, funky patter of the slapped variety bumping deliciously below stuttering tremolo chords with rich analogue flavour and a sleepy whistling melody. It also begins with some wonderfully skiffly drum business that turns into a smart, understated beat for the most part of the song. Play this on the morning of a day for which you have no plans and see what unfolds.

It's also a free download, isn't that nice?