Discovering that Sea Lion's The Big Moon EP was actually recorded in her bedroom is hardly a startling revelation. For some of Sweden's more well-known contemporaries, that method is ultimately common; encrypting a sprawling aesthetic of pop and ambient but making it sound personally isolated. Any outsider venturing to Stockholm or Sea Lion's native city of Gothenburg can attest to this isolationist lifestyle, which basically eliminates common nuances like small talk from everyday routine.

On the six-track The Big Moon, her second EP of 2014, Sea Lion (Linn Osterberg) sounds both passionate and enclosed. Her supremely hushed vocal styling invades every effort, eschewing comparisons to early Kate Bush and Grouper. And while Osterberg vocally reserves herself, she doesn't manage to let the surrounding atmospherics and production sweep over and drown her out. Ever aware of her strengths, Osterberg plays with ambient and folk elements on tracks like 'Wild Ones', embracing a beautiful cast of intimacy and subtle personal struggle.

Listen to the entire EP below and look out for Sea Lion's full-length debut, coming in 2015.