Following singles 'Severed Logic' and 'Frost Burn', Nandi Rose Plunkett (a.k.a. Half Waif) is now treating us with a full stream of her new forma/a EP, which is out this Friday,February 24th via Cascine (limited 12'' and digital).

"This collection of songs is a look into how those moods affect my relationships, how they take me on journeys through my past, how they transport me into meditations on life and death," she says of the release. "These are songs of self, but not self in a vacuum, romanticized into isolation; rather, self as it is given form through interactions with other people and with the physical environment. It is a step towards bringing abstract feelings into a concrete world, so that we may better see each other."

She'll be touring the US and Canada until mid-April, including an appearance at Austin's SXSW. Stream form/a in full below.